We specialize in personalizing generic items and making them unique, through a variety of techniques.

Glass Etching/ Sandblasting

Etching is a perfect way to add a personal touch to all types of glassware, awards & windows.  Permanently mark your selected item with a name, message or logo that will forever leave a lasting impression. Layout and design service is always available.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving provides virtually unlimited possibilities; this technology can mark all types of material with precision, such as:


We can etch all types of plastic items such as USB keys, laptops, and cellphones with your name or corporate logo. In addition to etching, our laser system can precision cut specific types of plastic into unlimited shapes and décor items.


Add initials, a monogram or photo to all leather items such as wallets, belts, guitar straps, book covers & jackets.


Wood engraving is a very popular application because it works extremely well with all types of woods, from maple to exotic hardwoods. We can customize just about anything wooden such as cabinetry, photo frames, knife handles, BBQ Tools, plaques, paddles, hammers & cutting boards. We can engrave amazingly intricate images to transform your generic wooden items into personalized treasures.


We can easily personalize a variety of metal objects with the laser such as mail boxes, anchors, knives, axes, stainless steel lighters, lunch boxes, toasters, stethoscopes and many more.


Create a lasting memory by etching it in stone such as marble or granite, perfect for small memorials and commemorative plaques.


Fabric is a very popular material for both engraving and cutting. Natural fibres and synthetic fabrics are often cut and engraved with fantastic results using our laser system.  Quilters & scrap bookers can choose to add that custom look with the help of our engraver.

Hand Engraving

Not every item is suited to be engraved by using digital or electronic equipment.  We have maintained the skill of using an Engravograph hand engraver.  This system produces precision engraving on odd shaped items and adds that final personalized touch on small jewelry items, mugs, baby plates, scroll holders & golf clubs.